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So...I'm thinking seriously about this. Anyone else here done a job swap with another librarian, or interested in doing so in the future? *curious*

It's really cool that the UK library association runs a database to help you find a job exchange partner (as long as it's a UK + non-UK exchange - a shame there doesn't seem to be anything similar elsewhere in the world, but I'm mostly interested in going to the UK anyway.)
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So, what I want to know is, can I resuscitate this community; and do any of you have any advice to offer a humble public librarian dealing with Issues with Young People?

I'm potentially outnumbered, but I can't feel entirely comfortable with the approach management is taking. And I need some helpful words of backup. Any chance of such?
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Not sure anyone bothers to read this (weeks and weeks without an update - eek), but here's a great post on Counterpunch about the unique qualifications of a hipster librarian. Enjoy!

a selection:
"So why have hipsters latched onto librarians? Because we're losers, at least in the public's mind. Ask anyone with French tip nails and a frappuccino, and they'll pretty much describe us as the Amy Winehouse of occupations: people with odd hair and odder interests. We're crazy cat lady of professions, except we don't smell like cat pee. Most of the time. But to those whose idea of the perfect day is having a quote from The Aeneid inked in Latin onto their forearm after scoring the perfect cardigan from Goodwill (preferably one designed for the opposite sex), a librarian is the personification of their post-millennial aspirations: props from friends for being the smarty-pants slacker that they are."

First post

May. 13th, 2009 01:06 pm
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Welcome to [community profile] librarians!

This is a community for all librarians or people who are interested in libraries and librarians. Any kind of librarians are welcome here, whether you work at the reference desk, in cataloging, as an information specialist, web designer... or anything at all! Library and Information Science is so diverse that everything is a possibility.

This is a place for people to introduce themselves, get to know others and perhaps even build some sort of networking!



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